Parking and Logistics Division:

Parking Enforcement 

Nexus Protective Services Ltd provides several elements of security that are tailored to meet your needs. Our services will provide you with the necessary tools required to surpass the challenges presented in the parking and cash transportation industry. 

We provide the following services:
Parking Enforcement Services

We perform private parking enforcement services to assist our client in gaining compliance from parkers using their property and facilities. Our highly visible security staff and vehicles are a deterrent to patrons attempting to park on private property without abiding by the rules set out by the property owner.
In addition to this we offer multiple services to assist with vehicles parking on your property.
·         Parking lot monitoring and issuance of nonpayment notices or warnings.
·         Routine parking lot patrols to ensure on-site safety and security of locations.
·         Electronic tracking system to show time and location of guards on site.
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