Our mobile patrol division offers an affordable security option for our residential, industrial and commercial clients.

Have a mobile patrol guard visit your property throughout the day and/or night. They will ensure that your property is secure by checking all windows and doors, to ensure that they are free of any damage and check for signs of burglary, or attempted burglary.

They will document any signs of criminal activity, and document all property damage and maintenance issues. 

All of the Mobile Patrol Guards are trained to document everything with written reports and support the documentation with photographic evidence. 

The Mobile Patrol Vehicles are clearly marked and easily identifiable. This acts as a deterrent to any would-be criminals. Seeing that a property is protected by security personnalle makes it difficult for criminals to spend time breaking in. 

Our patrols are conducted irregularly to make us unpredictable to any criminals or vandals. 


All of our vehicles have GPS tracking and Dashboard Cameras. These system are used to assit in quality assurance, and for supporting any documentation that has occurred. They are valuable tools that help us to provide our clients with the best service possible.

This service is great for:
  • Parking Garages;
  • Apartment Buildings;
  • Construction Sites;
  • Residential Properties;
  • Commercial Plazas;
  • Nightly Employee Escorts; and 
  • Car Dealerships.
Our Mobile Patrol Division works closley with our Vacation Watch division.

For more information, please contact James Haehnel at (416) 815-7575 Ext. 5, or by Email at

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