Alarm Response:

We provide our alarm response services to any residential, commercial, or industrial property located within the GTA. 

Let our highly trained Mobile Response Guards respond to your alarms and they will effectivly resolve any issue that may arrise. 

Using us as your Alarm Response Service Provider is often cheaper than the alarm monitoring company's default response team, and we are much cheaper than the police. We offer quick response times, and if an issue arrises that requires the police, we will call them and have an officer dispatched immediately.

Our Emergency Response team is highly trained and experienced. 

Every alarm response is carefully documented and the guards are trained to document everything with photgraphic evidence, if needed.

All of our Alarm Response Vehicles are clearly marked and come equipped with GPS tracking and Dashjboard Cameras in order for us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive service possible.

Nexus Protective Services Ltd is committed to providing our clients dynamic and innovative security services of unsurpassed quality.

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