Nexus Security Training:

Nexus follows the ministry approved training program, which includes the following modules:

Nexus Training Program
Module One: Fundamentals of Security
This program reviews the material introduced goes into substantially more detail on such subjects as:
- Private Investigator and Security Guard Act
- Trespass to Property Act
- Criminal Code of Canada
- Powers of a security guard as defined by these acts
- Fire procedures
- Operation of fire suppression equipment
- Liaison with emergency services (police, ambulance, fire department)
- Proper arrest techniques
- Courtroom etiquette
- Patrolling methods
- Access control Personal Relations techniques
- Bomb threat procedures
- Key aspects of elevators, how they work, proper terminology, how to place on fire service, how to ground and restore to regular use
- Report writing and incident documentation
Module Two: Essentials of Retail Security
The purpose of this module is to inculcate the necessary mix of security & public relations mind-set for work in this type of environment.  The key concept communicated to employees is that, while security is the core responsibility, the smooth day-to-day functioning in any complex requires extensive interaction with clients, service people, other onsite personnel, and the management team.  The text manual focuses on:
- Professional etiquette
- Assessing situations and planning a course of action (this topic makes extensive use of role-playing to encourage employees to find innovative ways to, for instance, assist people whose capacity in English is limited
- How to assist the handicapped
- Dealing with difficult people
- Sensitivity training & customer satisfaction
Module Three: Key Aspects of Life Safety
This manual is an intensive review of all elements of emergency response, which a security guard may have responsibility for:
- How to read a fire panel and rapidly assess an alarm
- Core responsibilities of a security guard during an emergency
- How to assist emergency personnel
- Procedures for elevator entrapments
- Managing people and staff during a crisis
- Essential techniques for smooth, panic-free building evacuation
- Co-ordinating the security team for effective emergency response (for supervisors)
Module Four: First Aid and CPR & WHMIS
A St. John’s Ambulance or a qualified recognized instructor teaches this hands-on seminar.  Upon successful completion, the student is certified to perform first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
WHMIS, workplace hazardous materials course.
Module Five: Conflict Management & Physical Restraint
This Text Manual teaches the security officer how to assess a confrontational situation and how to defuse or contain it.
- Initial assessment of situation for potential for violence
- Reducing conflict while still enforcing the H&R regulations
- Gauging possibility of a peaceful resolution
- Review of arrest procedures
- How to assess appropriate response (e.g. level of force)
- Review of police liaison methods
- How to apply holds and physical restraints

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