Protecting Your Interests... Securing Your Future.

Nexus advances to meet and exceed the changing needs of its properties and their clients.

Nexus leads the industry with an innovative approach:  Emotionally intelligent security with a focus on service and care.

You can rely on us – a team of qualified professionals to respond to and anticipate the dynamic requirements of your growing community.

Experience the difference of security that caters to lifestyle with Nexus Protective Services Ltd.

Property values rely on the overall maintenance, safety and lifestyle a building can offer.

Reputation is important and we protect yours.

The Nexus Evolution

We see the residents as our clients.

We provide security with a focus on quality customer service and create positive client experiences.

Nexus progresses beyond protective services to provide our clients with an innovative industry leading approach of caring, dedicated and positive professionals.

Foundation for Success

Vision: We are an innovative industry leader in protective services.

Mission: We protect the physical assets of the building while providing superior care for the residents.
“At Nexus, we are committed to providing dynamic services of unsurpassed quality to create a safe environment in which our clients can realize their aspirations. At Nexus our success is measured by the triumphs of our clients.“

Values: We believe in: Integrity, Friendliness, Service, Professionalism and Team Pride.

Culture:  We promote an unsurpassed team of caring, Dedicated and Positive Professionals.
Nexus Protective Services Ltd of Toronto is committed to leading the protective services industry by giving our clients dynamic and innovative security services of unsurpassed quality.
We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our customers with our vast experience in security services. Our success is measured by the triumphs of our clients.
Nexus is a service-driven security company committed to providing outstanding and cost-effective investigations and surveillance solutions, including uniformed and plain clothes security guards, alarm monitoring, security system products, security alarm systems, and other security services, including the Guard Tour Electronic Patrol System. Our management team brings together extensive operational expertise in a wide range of environments from personal, corporate, community, commercial, and industrial security.
In configuring a security solution for your unique needs we draw on a comprehensive body of professional knowledge in the fields of law, police sciences, business, and the military.
Nexus Protective Services Ltd is committed to providing our clients dynamic and innovative security services of unsurpassed quality.

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