The electronic guard patrol system that works with a simple touch

During a patrol, a security guard touches the SilverGuard to a SilverTag button (placed in key checkpoint locations throughout your site) and the date and time of their security patrol is recorded. The readings collected by the wand can be downloaded later directly to a printer, locally to a computer, or remotely via modem.

The SilverGuard reports provide you with the wand ID, the secuirty guard identification, missed checkpoints or ones that have been overchecked, types of incidents (ie, door left unlocked) and a security patrol summary. Click here to view a sample Report generated using this amazing system. Remember all settings, title's ect. can be completely customized.

Use the SilverGuard electronic patrol system for:

  • Guard Patrols
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Fleet Management

The SilverGuard wand is made of high tensile stainless steel, giving your a rugged and durable secuirty tool. It's tamper-proof design prevents unauthorized use of the unit. The wands operate on long-life lithium batteries, eliminating the need for daily recharging.

This electronic patrol system is designed to be expandable, allowing users to begin with a Touch & Tour Package (does not require a computer) but is flexible enough to give you the choice to upgrade to the SRS or GRS computer-based system, or to a complete system with real-time monitoring capabilities. In all instances, the same durable SilverGuard wand is used, protecting your initial investment.
There are no buttons or switches to use, wear out, or tamper with. It's easy to operate: one touch and the reading is complete. It's also water resistant, shock resistant, and contains no moving parts. The long-life lithium battery performs through 250,000 reads.

The SilverTag chips are encased in stainless steel, protecting the memory chip. Each chip is lasered at the factory with a unique serial number. The chips are also water resistant, shock resistant, and easy to install.

They're small and unobstructive, and each one contains a uniquie serial number – no two chips have the same number.

The data transfer station transfers the data collected by the SilverGuard wand easily. Simple insert the wand into the transfer unit, and the stored data is automatically downloaded to a printer, PC, or modem.

The SilverGuard system will make your security operation more effective by ensuring that patrol checks are being completed as directed. It could even save you money by pointing out checkpoints that are being overchecked, or by allowing your security officers to complete their patrols more quickly – and the reports make sure they're doing their patrols properly. And the summary report provides you with valuable information to keep your clients informed about ongoing security concerns.

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