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Nexus has created a condominium security system that can be tailored to handle any condominium’s requirements. Nexus delivers the complete security package that you expect from a security company with the highest standards. 

Because every building is different, it should have a security system in place that meets all its needs – now and in the future. This is achieved by planning, finding the right security personnel for your building, and communication with building management. 

Nexus has the experience and ability to put the proper security procedures in place to protect the lives and property of the residents, their guests, agents, and visitors.

When looking for the right security company for your building look at what they have to offer in the way of services, support, and training. Cost needs to be factored in to the equation as well. It is important to understand that the company with the highest bid/quote is not always going to get you the best product or service, while the lowest cost company may not be able to provide you with the staff or services you require over the long term. It is advisable to obtain three to five quotes before attempting to make a decision. The bill rate will determine the standard and quality of employee, their pay rate, and the benefits they receive.

Finally, one needs to examine the type of security staff that will be provided. These are front line people, and as such, will be the first impression of your building. Without properly trained and supervised staff, your building is vulnerable to theft, property damage, and even loss of life. Having poor quality, untrained personnel is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Many people think of security as insurance. You may not always use it, but it had better be good when you need to use it.


Questions to ask a security provider

  1. Are you a licensed security guard company through the Ministry of the Solicitor General’s office and is your entire staff licensed?
  2. How much insurance do you carry and what does it cover?
  3. Are you a bonded security company?
  4. Can you provide proof of WSIB coverage and clearance certificates?
  5. Does your company have a 24-hour dispatch centre and where is it located?
  6. Are you a local company?
  7. What is your selection process for employing staff and where do you find your staff?
  8. What training is provided before and after the concierge guard arrives at a site to work?
  9. What preparations are made to support the site in the form of additional staff to cover for vacations, illness etc.?
  10. How many site visits by an area supervisor will be made each week?
  11. Who will be looking after the account for day-to-day issues?
  12. What type of benefits and pay do the concierge guards receive?

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